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Find out a bit more about Neurofy: Take a look at one of our videos; get an idea of the trainer backend,… We’ll get you more, but in the meantime: let us know if you’ve got more questions: we’ll be glad to get you the answers!



This video starts off by sketching the context of competitive sports and psychology: an ideal environment for Neurofy training. In a second part this demanding environment is combined with explanation of several experts in the field of sports, psychology and neurosciences: Dan Bishop (Brunel University, London), Jean-Michel Aulas (président Olympic-Lyonnais), Jean-Philippe Lachaux (Director of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center). The video also shows a bit of the hardware on which Neurofy runs: the Oculus GO (courtesy of Oculus).  All of this just to give you a first idea. We don’t imagine this will answer all of your questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and try out Neurofy VR!

An introduction to Neurofy

by Neuropowertrain

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Neurofy – The Basics

Neurofy VR is a so-called App (an application downloaded by a user to a mobile device). An app can run on one or more devices: the Neurofy App is designed for the Oculus GO. So, let us introduce to you the Oculus GO.


Neurofy runs on the Oculus GO

Neurofy VR is an application developed to run on the Oculus GO. The video below is a presentation video made by Oculus to introduce the Oculus GO.  We gladly share it to give you a better idea of the hardware and it’s additional perks: that’s right, on the Oculus GO there are many apps available, such as Netflix and Youtube. So not only Neurofy VR runs on it. You’ll also be able to enjoy that one Netflix series with, literally, an extra dimension.

An introduction to Oculus GO

by Oculus


So, the Neurofy app runs on the Oculus GO. Now, you learned a bit about both, it’s time to give you a sneak peak inside. On your screen we can’t reproduce the three dimensional environment, but we can give you a glimpse of what it looks like… After you’ve seen it, get in touch and try it out.

Sneak peak

by Neuropowertrain

Extra details

    • The Neurofy App is a PRO App: this means you can’t download it from the Oculus Store. You need a special code to get it.
    • The Neurofy App is developed for the Oculus GO: so it does run on the Oculus GO, but it also means we’re not sure it runs on the other devices.
    • When you decide to get the Neurofy App, you’ll need an Oculus GO. Either you get one through us, either you use one you already bought yourself. Your PRO subscription will allow you to link your Oculus to your Neurofy account.

Quick setup

To setup the Oculus GO, you need:

  1. A mobile phone
  2. The (free) Oculus App
  3. Access to a wifi network for both the mobile phone and the Oculus
  4. About 20-30 min of time

Follow the instructions of the Oculus App after you received the Oculus GO.

You need to contact us and purchase the Neurofy App:

  1. Your purchase will allow you to use a certain number of Oculus GO (min. 1)
  2. You’ll have a Neurofy account to give you access to the Admin interface
  3. You’ll get a code to download the Neurofy App from the Oculus Store
  4. Enter the code in the app on your mobile phone to allow your linked Oculus to download the Neurofy App

Now you can launch the Neurofy App on your Oculus GO.

You need to have gone through both of the previous steps:

  1. You’ll need to launch the app in the Oculus GO.
  2. Now you can play the Demo
  3. To use the Neurofy App you’ll need to pair the Oculus GO with your Neurofy account: click on the “Pair” button (right upper side)
  4. Login to your Neurofy Admin account and launch the pairing procedure.
  5. Enter the code given in the Admin into your Oculus GO.

Now you can launch the programs you want in the Admin and send them to your Oculus GO.

Have fun!