At this stage of Neurofy, the App is only accessible for sales to professionals. That’s because every setup is tailored to the specific needs of each professional. That also means, no classic generalised support is available or even possible. Nevertheless, if you landed on this page, it might be you need some help. So, basically three options are available:

You can contact us through the form below. It allows you to ask us any question concerning your problem.

You can send us an email. It allows you to write whatever you want the way you want. You can also attach a screenshot or a document if need be. Our email for support questions is: support@neurofy.ch

You’re already setup and on the road but you hit a snag. In that case it’s best to contact directly the person who sold you your solution. You can do so by phone, email or if you feel like it even by letter.

Tell us how we can help

You want to send more?

Email: support@neurofy.ch